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Friday, December 28, 2007

No-Sew Fleece Blankets

Daniel and I have decided that we're having a homemade Christmas in 2008! I'm excited. As I posted earlier (I think) I made homemade candy cane bath salts for the ladies this year. We also stained plaques for my parents and Daniel's parents that read "Ka-Ka & Big Daddy's House" and "MeMa & DeDa's House". That's what JD calls our parents. They were perfect gifts for them; they loved them. We got them other things but that was their homemade gift. We used a wood burner to burn their names into the wood. We also bought two trunks at Michael's for Daniel's grandfathers. We burned "Papa's Box" onto the front, stained it and attached a leather strap for easy opening.

Next year, I'm going to made Apple Pie Bath Salts and No-Sew Fleece Blankets. I'm sure along the way I'll find new things to make, but as of today. I'm sticking with that. My only problem is that we have about 35 people on our gift list! lol ... That's A LOT of blankets! Phew! I better get busy right? haha ...

I went and checked out and they have a good selection of fleece on sale in their clearance section. I'm going to start off with that since I'm new to this and I've NEVER made anything like a blanket before. I'm a bit nervous though, I don't know the difference between the fleece fabrics they offer. What is Anti-Pill fleece?

All tips are appreciated if anyone has done this before! :o) Just send me email if you don't want to post the tip here!



RecycleCindy said...

I stopped by for a visit from BlogCatalog. I made some of the fleece no-sew blankets last year and I loved doing them. They were so easy and I even made a small one for a doll blanket. I found some nice and cheap priced fleece at Walmart. I hope you'll come by my blog to visit me. Happy New Year!


conner.ash said...

I think it's a fantastic idea. This year I got started on my homemade gifts as well. The little felt toys that I have on myspace, I gave those to a little girl at church. I made a doggy vest for my dog out of felt, and I made stationary for one of my friends that writes me letters all the time. I am currently thinking of things that I can make for next year. I have already started my collection of cards and wrapping paper that can be reused next year. I am also going to make a six pack set of Christmas ornaments out of TP rolls (little santa clauses & elves), light bulbs (painted and glittered), etc. Hope I either gave you some good ideas to use or sparked your imagination for reusing household items.

Anonymous said...

there isnt really that big of a difference. not that you can easily notice at least! i make these all the time, and i often times mix and match the anti pill with the polar fleece, and you cant even tell! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

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