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Friday, January 11, 2008

Update On Jessica

My cousin Shannon called and gave me an update on Jessica. She is doing SO MUCH better today! Here is what she told me:

Her doctor's have brought in a physical therapist and they're beginning to work with her to get her muscles up to par because she has been bedridden for so long.

The doctor's have began giving her protein shakes for more nutrients. She can't have fluids and they have cut back her intake of ice chips. The reason for that is because they want to do a safe dehydration process that is closely observed. She has so much fluid in her legs and other parts of the body that they're hoping her body will use that fluid and draw it out through urinating.

Her kidneys - That's what has been such a HUGE problem. My terminology and knowledge of this problem is not up to par so forgive my ignorance. There is a number that her kidneys should be at. 1 is best. A few days ago this number was above 7, TODAY IT IS 3! Shannon was stoked about this so that means it's great news. 1 means her kidneys are in normal condition.

They have began cutting back on her medication so she is no longer on morphine for the pain. That alone is wonderful news. Justin, her fiance, said that yesterday she was awake for most of the day and they watched 4 movies. If you could have seen her MONDAY then you wouldn't think she'd be up to watching movies all day. They said she has been awake today and has more energy than she has had. I'm not saying she's ready to run a marathon, lol, she's just doing better than she has been.


I have always been a Believer. I have always believed in prayer and reading your Bible to strengthen your walk with the Lord. But, through this situation with Jessica my walk with God has become so strong. I'm tearing up thinking about it because if you could only see her in the hospital and see the changes everyday. Let me just break it down for you... SHE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO LIVE!!! SHE IS ALIVE AND WELL! The power of prayer is real. The power of FAITH is real.

I've had faith in prayer before but let me tell you what I learned. Having faith means HAVING NO DOUBT! I was told Jessica wasn't going to make it, however, I didn't really believe that. I broke out my Student Life Application Bible because of the resources that's in it. I pulled up the topics on prayer, healing and faith. I consumed myself with these topics and prayed. My family did the same thing. And so did you! My friends, let me tell you about them. Many of you are strangers and your prayers are working. Don't give up on them. Ya'll tell me how your Sunday school class is praying or how your church is praying. THANK YOU FOR THAT! There are so many of you and we are so thankful for you!

I truly believe we are witnessing a miracle! I believe Jesus has his hand on Jessica and is bringing her through this. I believe everyone needs to put their complete faith in Jesus more often and see the changes that can be made in their own life. I know I have done that and things are changing in my life.

Please continue your praying as your have been! Continue your faith.

*Note* Pictures of her in the hospital will not be posted. Would you want pictures like that posted of you?

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April from cafemom said...

I am so happy to hear shes doing better. She has been in my prayers and will continue to be. Please keep the updates coming!

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