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Monday, February 25, 2008


I feel so accomplished today! I got a lot done. After a busy weekend with no time to clean, do clothes or any other of my wifely duties, I got it all done today and then some.

My office, better known as The Avon Room, has become the biggest junk room I've ever seen! Avon boxes are everywhere full of Avon brochures and fliers. There's old papers, old bills, post-it notes, dust bunnies, holiday bags and tissue paper and more.

Which reminds me ... I've got an obsession with holiday bags and tissue paper. This is not funny and it is now serious! I probably have over 300 bags, 50 boxes and I can honestly say I have no idea how much tissue paper I have! To go along with all of that I have party goods that are brand new and never been used. And about 15 rolls of wrapping paper! lol I know, it's bad!! My husband walks in the room and says "My God honey!" lol ... It's bad. Is there a tissue paper anonymous and a 12-step program?

Anyways, we rearranged some furniture and cleaned everything out. I'm not completely finished but I'm finished for today! The reason I'm posting a blog about this being such an accomplishment is that we did all of this with the presence of a 22 month old! WOOO HOOO! And he's still alive! haha ...

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Shalene said...

I've got a garage that needs help. Wanna come over and help me??? Everyone puts there junk in there, so the minute it's clean, it gets more junk!!! We recently started schooling our eldest daughter at home, and a computer came with the schooling. The problem is...we don't get to keep the computer forever, so we have to keep the boxes to send it back in, when or if we ever stop attending this school. Talk about a mess. Then there's the camping equipment, the bicycles, the Christmas ornaments that need to go back into the attic and everything else. If you'd like to come help, you'd be appreciated. I know it's not likely to happen, I don't think you even live in my time zone, but thought I'd let you know that I appreciate all that you managed to accomplish. Wish I could do that. :) Blessings to you!!

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