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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What is

My cousin told me about SmileBox and I had to check it out. Now that I've checked it out, I have to share this site with you!

Smilebox is a totally fun, totally free, unique service that helps you connect to friends and family by using your photos and videos!

Smilebox helps you make animated scrapbooks, photobooks, slideshows, postcards, and eCards for ANY occasion.

Now, doesn't that sound like fun? You can create cool slideshows for MySpace or your blog, too. It's cool. Come check it out!

Click to play That's My Guy!
Create your own free ecard - Powered by Smilebox
Make a free ecard - it's easy!


Nick said...

Yes, Smilebox is great for creating! Invaluable tool! Not the best for sharing though- try Flickr or Pixamo to complement.

Amanda said...

I didn't have a problem using smilebox for sharing. I love the service and it worked great on my myspace.

Brett Pres said...

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