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Friday, May 30, 2008

I can't wait until Sunday!

Today was a busy day for me! :o)

Let's see ... it was my husband's birthday, he turned a whopping 24 years old. (lol I know, we're young) Anywho, I am a stay-at-home mom but I work about 3 nights a week waitressing. Well, I didn't take tonight or tomorrow night off so Sunday we're celebrating his birthday. We've decided we're going to Tybee Island for the day. It's only about 3 hours from the house. We're going to pack a cooler full of goodies and drive down to spend the day at the beach.

This will be JD's first time at a beach. I'm sooooo excited. Hopefully we'll have a great time and everything will be just peachy! :o) HA! Pray for me! :o)

Also, today was my little sisters 8th grade graduation. Yes, there is a 12, almost 13, year difference between the two of us. I was the official photographer for my family! lol I managed to rake in about 80 pictures of her and her friends and the awards and all that good stuff. Get this ... ALL WITH A 2 YEAR OLD! :o) wooo hoooo "How did I do it?", you say? Oh, by a faithful prayer! Yes Ladies ... I laid hands on my kid before I opened my front door to leave and asked the Lord to bless us as we began our day and to keep us safe then I looked into JD's big blue eyes and giggled. I said, "Lord, please bring a sense of peace over this toddler. Today is important to our family and those children. Please keep my child quiet and let him be entertained by the smallest things!" I would like for you to know that JD was an AWESOME child today. He didn't act up until AFTER the assembly. lol Honest to goodness! I was so thankful, too!

Well, I'm heading to bed! I'm tired. :o)

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conner.ash said...

Wow, I have never thought about praying prayers like this one. Of course I don't have children but there are times that I need a simple little prayer like this whether it be for me, my husband or other friends and family to get through simple situations. Thank you for this.

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