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Thursday, June 19, 2008

"JD! What have you done?"

Those were the words I yelped to my 2-year old son last night as he whined while I cleaned him off from eating dinner. His little hand kept rubbing his nose so I looked up there and I saw that food clogged his tiny nostril. After unsuccessful attempts to get the food out I decided to give him a bath. See, he don't like water being poured over his head because it gets in his nose and all. So, I'm pouring the water over his head and the food isn't budging. I get him out of the bath tub and get him dressed. Now, keep in mind he keeps saying during all this "Hurt Mama ... Hurt". He was pitiful. I then held him down while my legs and one arm and all my strength, grabbed the tweezers and pulled out .... A FRENCH FRY! Yes Ladies, my little man stuck a shoestring french fry up his right nostril. No, it didn't look like that at first. After pulling out what is now quite a mushy potato I notice there is so much more way up there that I can't get.

I rushed to my husband who has been on an important phone call and told him what was going on and he said we needed to take him up to the doctor, to get dressed. I have been cooking dinner, making tea, and cleaning house. Earlier that day we had been swimming at my mother-in-law's house. I am RED. I have on no makeup, basketball shorts, and a white tank top. We were about to start getting ready for church. ... lol I rushed and got my things together and in a true mom fashion, there we went.

In the middle of my driving I called our pediatrician who obviously was closed because it was about 6:15. We got the after hours number and called those rude people. Would you believe they acted like it was a problem for us to bring him up there? They asked all the questions of what did we do to try to get it out. They asked us if we blew in his mouth to get it out of his nose? Um, no! ?? My thinking on that was wouldn't it go in his lungs, not in his nose? Well, we asked my father-in-law about that because he's a fire fighter and he told us that was not good to do that to a baby or a toddler. Anyways, I lost service and had to call her back. At that time she began being sarcastic and I BOLDLY said "I'm sorry but .. Is this a problem that I'm bringing my son to an after hours clinic"? The whole time JD is whining in the back because his nose hurts. He can't breathe right and his voice is different because his nose is plugged up!

I hung up the phone and told Daniel to call the pediatrician back to get another number. He called the after hours nurse and she said to just take him to the hospital. During the drive up there (45 minutes) I turned on my Jesus music and I'm steadily praying for JD. I was asking for a sense of peace to come over him and for his fear of doctors to be cast out. Within about 10 minutes he wasn't whining anymore. We get to the hospital and he was cool about everything. We had to wait ... and wait and wait. We were gone from our home for a total of 5 1/2 hours. JD was very well behaved for every minute of it. He even got compliments from the other people in the waiting area for his behavior. Isn't that awesome?

After sitting in the waiting room chatting with other patients and parents JD was called back to get some information. HE WAS SOOOOO COOL ABOUT EVERYTHING. He didn't mind this guy looking at anything and I was so proud of him. I could have cried because it was so nice to see an answered prayer, ya know?

Oh, I forgot to tell you, JD had been sneezing during this whole ordeal. And every time he sneezed a little bit of potato would come out, only about the size of a eraser. Well, we finally get into a room and about an hour later "The PaperWork Lady" comes in. In the middle of her getting information JD sneezed a horrendous sneeze ... ::shivers:: and a snot rocket of potato comes out of his nose. It was at least a centimeter long!! I'm not joking! It was so nasty!!

I knew that was all of the french fry but we stayed to just to be on the safe side. About 45 minutes later a PA comes in, scopes out the situation and confirmed that he indeed sneezed the french fry out of his nose! We felt stupid but he said that this could have been worse and it could have went down his lungs and he could have choked. Also, if any food was stuck up there and it rotted that would have been a whole new problem.

::Shaking Head:: That kid ... I tell you what ... He is so banned from french fries. lol

So, what have your kids stuck up there nose?? Or ears? Or where ever else?


Stacy H. said...

Hey there!

JD keeps you hopping huh? I have a child with ADHD and he has done things like this.IN FACT, over the weekend, he found a live 22 bullet outside and attempted to crush it with a weight he found outside. Needless to say the round exploded, and hit his leg. We took him to the hospital, and he got three stitches. Child services was called to the hospital and the police followed. Both ruled it an accident. Now i feel I have to look over my shoulder to see what else he is going to do.

I am sorry you received such a horrible reception from "the help" as I call those people that work for the doctor. Next time you see your pediatrician, do let them know how the answering service treated you. Most Doctors are not told how the answering service treats the patients that call. I am very glad that JD is ok!

jen said...

That's hilarious! I know it was scary, but I can't help but laugh at it! :)

wait till he swallows a quarter. I did that a couple of times, my sister told me she would do a cool magic trick if I swallowed them. (She never did. BOO!)

jasonandcori said...

when i was little i swallowed a large button off my sweater. NIck my son stuffed a popcorn seed up his nose, I couldn't get it out, they had to use suction to get it. what a nightmare. I personally think that hospitals shouldn't make a kid especailly young ones wait as long as they do, especailly when there are people that are there to see the dr for a cold or the flu or the dreaded I partied too hard over the weekend and I need a get out of work pass so I will go to the hospital (i used to work at a hospital you wouldn't beleive some of the reasons that people would be there).

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