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Monday, June 30, 2008

White Trash

Have you ever ate trash? What about white trash? No, I'm not talking about the garbage trash, but a yummy spin on a delicious snack mix.

Here we go, this makes for a yummy snack or a great idea for gifts

Serves 18
20 min

3 C. Rice Chex
3 C. Cheerios
3 C. Golden Grahams
3 C. Raisin Bran
3 C. Pretzels
2 C. Peanut M&Ms
7 Boxes of White Chocolate Baking Bars

In a HUGE bowl mix all the ingredients except chocolate.
Melt white chocolate in a double boiler.
Pour over the mixture being sure to coat it well.
Once it's coated, lay out the mixture on waxed paper and let it dry.

Okay, there's the directions but here's what I did. I had to use 2 big bowls and melt the chocolate in batches. I laid out the mixture on baking sheets lined with waxed paper and I put the snack mix in the refrigerator to let it dry. I let it sit over night because I was using it the next morning. It's all stuck together and you just break it up.

I have never gotten so many positive reviews of anything I've ever made! This is delicious. Next time I make it I'm going to use cinnamon toast crunch rather than golden grahams. You can use ANYTHING you like.

This does make a huge batch but you can easily decrease the measurements. The original recipe only called for 1 lb of chocolate which was definitely not enough! At our grocery store our bakers white chocolate comes in 6 oz boxes. I suggest using about 7 boxes of white chocolate to cover ALL of the mix.

Make it and tell me what you think ....

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