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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do You Have Life Insurance?

As some of you may know, my cousin died on January 22 of this year. You can read about the whole story by clicking on Updates on Jessica in the categories column.

One thing you'll find out is that my aunt never got life insurance on Jessica. She was 5-years old when she was diagnosed with her heart condition and after that she was constantly turned down from life insurance companies. She is now having to pay back my other aunt for Jessica's funeral. Since we know that she couldn't cover all the cost, we are/were begging everyone to make donations into a memorial fund for Jessica set up at a local bank. We didn't get much help. :o(

I'm here to tell you now that if you don't have life insurance on you or your family, NOW is the time to get it! I know the market is tough and money is short for everyone but insurance is not where you need cut back. is a helpful website. They will explain the difference between
term life insurance and whole life insurance! At the bottom of their website they have all kinds of links to take you to the answers you may have about life insurance.

There is also a Mortgage Protection Life Insurance. Did you know that? The lady that used to babysit me, Cassie, well her son died back in November. Yes, we had a cluster of deaths in my family. Well, he had a heart attack driving down the road and he didn't have this insurance. Now, his wife and 2 kids are who is left and she is now a single mom working at Wal-Mart trying to pay for everything. It's rough. They are getting payouts each month from social security and all that but what if he didn't have all of that for his kids and wife?

Do you and your husband have all of this insurance? Do y'all have anything to cover your kids if something happens to y'all? Thing is, you have to realize that accidents happen and no one lives forever. I know it's harsh, but it's the truth! You have to watch out for your family.

So, check out the site and get yourself covered ...

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Life Insurance Canada said...

Sad story. I am working in Toronto term life and time from time I meet such a story. Everybody is free to decide, how much risk wants to take on, but you can erase huge part of risk by a little part money. Term life costs few bucks a month...
Take care!

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