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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When did you take your child out of the crib?

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When did your child start sleeping in a toddler bed?
Was is a rough transition? Was it easy?


12 months
10 (15%)
18 months
19 (29%)
2 years
26 (40%)
2 1/2 years
3 (4%)
3 years
3 (4%)
Later Than That
3 (4%)

Votes: 64


Anonymous said...

Well I can't votw yet.. my dd is 4 mos. lol... but I plan on keeping her in a crib until she's potty trained!
Thanks. newmommyhjm (cafemom)

WillDoDa said...

I can't vote either! My kids are basically still in bed with me, but at 2 I did get a toddler bed for the child who is four, but absolutely won't sleep in it, she sleeps on the couch or our bed.

The Baby Kottage said...

Between 15-18 months is when we made the transition. Basically when they were walking well.
For our first, he was on a full size because we had an extra bed, and we weren't going to purchase a bed, when we already had one.
The other 3 had a toddler bed.

Anonymous said...

Both my kids were 18 months old, they both were able to climb out by that point.

It was a very easy transition for us. In fact, my younger one was so adamant about it that she woke up in the middle of the night one time and just cried "BED, MOMMY" over and over again until I eventually got up, put her crib matteress on the floor and said "There's your bed" and she was SOOO proud of herself!!

Gale said...

Need a younger option!

Because what do you do with an 8 month old who can climb out of their crib? Not just can, but does so EVERY time you put him in. You can't keep him there. It's too high for him to be climbing out of so you opt for something safer.

In our case we converted the walk in closet in his older brother's room (who was 19 months older than him) into a little bedroom for him. Putting him in a closet sounds so bad...but it was the safest space we could think of. There was nothing there he could get into, and we hung the baby monitor right outside and tested it out (yes, we could hear if he cried). He actually slept better there than in the crib in our room (quieted down more quickly after being layed down).

Anonymous said...

I wish there was an option of never having the baby in a crib to begin with. I have been co-sleeping with my 12 month baby her whole life.

Cathy said...

My daughter had recently turned 2 when we moved her from the crib to the toddler bed. We had to do it pretty quickly since our 6 week old baby was getting too big for the bassinet and we only had 1 crib. My 2 year old adjusted fairly well. Of course as soon as we left her room after saying goodnight, she'd get up and play and would end up falling asleep on the floor. But after a while she got used to sleeping in the toddler bed. We also took her shopping for a new bedding for her "big girl" bed, she chose Dora, and I think that made her bed a special place for her.

Drizzly said...

It was either 18 months or two years, I really can not remember because my mind is a blur.( 3 babies in 4 years will rot your brain) I tried to vote my best guess, but it said it could not process the request. My oldest who is now 4 years old climed and flopped out of her crib at 6 MONTHS old because we had it at the medium ( not lowest) setting. It went down to the lowest setting as soon as we got done checking her out and catching our breath!

It do remember it was not that hard of a transition, we just put pillows next to her toddler bed in case she rolled out..which she did a few times

Kaprice said...

Oh my goodness, 6 months! Thank God she was okay. JD has never tried to crawl out of his crib. I think that's why we've waited to put him in a toddler bed.

He's 2 1/2 right now and I'm flirting with the idea of doing the switch within a month or two. I just feel that he's not mature enough right now for that. I know that sounds goofy but it's the truth. I don't think he's ready. We'll see though.

Even when we try to get him to do "big boy" things he says "No, I'm a baby!" And yes we tell him he's not a baby and that he's a big boy and all but ... it doesn't work. We've even taken away "big boy" privileges to try to change his mind, lol, he don't care! It's like, eh, whatever!

Oh the joys of parenting! :o)

I really appreciate everyones comments!

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