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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't Just Click ....

Don't just click. Connect.

That's the slogan for a website I came across while surfing the internet. Have you ever heard of ClickSmart?

See, I have an online friend who just told me that her and her husband are looking for some Chicago investment property and because I'm just such a dang good friend, lol, I decided to help her out by finding some Realtors in the area where she's looking.

Once I read their 'about me' section I learned that this website prescreens each and everyone of of the businesses they list in their directory to make sure that consumers are getting the real thing. Accepted small businesses are called
Clicksmart Certified Experts!

The Certified Experts listed for the Realtors in Chicago had their own websites, photos, numbers and just everything you need when you're trying to find good help.

Well, I just had to share that with you! :o) I hope you like the site. Check it out ...

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