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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Long Time, No See

I know, I know ... It's been a week since I've written on my blog.

Where have I been? Well, let me just tell you ... I started tax school at Jackson Hewitt. I thought that perhaps this would be "easy" and I would catch on quickly. haha Yeah right! This is rough. Long story short, I failed my first
two tests and I've been totally stressing out. Well, I went to class last night and I made a 100 on my test, I was so proud of myself. It's amazing what you can do when you study! :o) lol

What else ... hmm ... JD is sick again. I think he's getting this stuff from kids at church or something. Oddly enough, he's not coughing or anything like that, no runny nose or sneezing. He's just tired and running a fever. If he's not better by tomorrow I'm going to take him to the doctor. I figured I'd give him a couple of days to get over before I rush to my doctor 45 minutes away and pay $35 for a copay. Geez, gas a copay, I'm gonna be broke after tomorrow. After yesterday and last night my eyes are about to close because I'm slap worn out. And to put the cherry on top, my coffee isn't working and I want a refund! lol I'm not a satisfied customer!!

I was excited about one thing this morning, you know how I told y'all about MySurvey and how I do survey's with them to earn points and then I can redeem my points for cash and prizes? Well, I did a survey today and earned 750 points! :o) I only need 1000 points before I can start redeeming anything! hhaaayyy! lol My goal is 24,500 points! Then, I can get a portable DVD player. JD would LOVE IT!

I log in everyday and check for new surveys and each range from like 10 points to 25 points. I was doing one today and because I had certain answers it sent me to that one where I could earn 750 points. It took me about 45 minutes to do but it was all about my shopping habits. SHOPPING HABITS! lol ... I'll tell ya about my shoppings habits for a chance to earn a DVD player. :o) It's free to join if you wanna sign up!

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Loida Chan said...

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