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Monday, October 27, 2008

My New Favorite Books

I signed up with about a week ago and picked out my 4 books for $0.99! Well, I got my shipment today and I am very impressed with everything. So far, my favorite book is Christmas in the Nick of Time. I love it. There are 750 easy-to-make ideas for crafting, cookie-baking, gift-giving, decorating, and memory-making. lol, that's what the book says. But seriously, this is a GREAT book!

I also bought The Everything Soap Making Book. It's full of recipes and techniques for creating colorful and fragrant soaps.

If you haven't caught on already, Daniel and I are having a homemade Christmas this year. We are flat broke and buying all this stuff just isn't happening this year. I planned on making fleece blankets this year but I didn't get around to doing it. I'm such a procrastinator.

Well anyways, I've also been looking online for things I can make for Christmas to giveaway and here are some crafty ideas I've came across ...

Holiday Coffee Containers
This crafty gift is at Click on the link above to go to the site.

Potpourri Candles
This crafty gift is at Click on the link above to go to the site.

Well, there's just a couple of things I have in mind to make. I hope you got some good ideas. If you know of a site that has some easy crafty ideas, post the link!


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