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Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 27th birthday. :o) YAY! You're probably thinking "So, what did you do today?" Well, I'll tell you. lol Here's the rundown ....

I woke up at 6:52 to my sister sending me a text message wishing me a happy birthday. After getting dressed and all we took JD to his first day of "school". He started daycare today for the first time. It's daycare but it's more of a learning center. A friend of ours a church owns it and it's brand new. It was hard for me to drop him off but he ended up having a blast. He said he wanted to go back, so .. that's a good thing.

Anywho, after that I came back home and then the stress began. See, over the weekend my 06 Ford Focus died on me. Yea, the alternator went out and I was broke down. After all weekend of my husband and his buddies trying to work on it, it came to our attention that we purchased an extended warranty plan. lol We're goofy! So anyways, we had to get a wrecker to come get the car and have it towed to the Ford dealership.

After we got the car dropped off we went to Cracker Barrell for lunch and then went and walked around Lowes for about an hour to kill some time. When we got back to the dealership the alternator was fixed! YAY! It was a blessing to have it fixed today!!

See, I was supposed to start working at Jackson Hewitt today finishing up on some training to prepare taxes this season. That's why JD had to start daycare today.

ANYWAYS, we finally made it home and had dinner and now we're watching The Bachelor and The Fiesta Bowl. lol Yea, my husbands right here watching T.V., guess what he's watching, lol.

One thing I've learned today is that the older you get the more you realized that a birthday is just another day! lol ... Every year I've done something special for my birthday, however, this year is different. :o( Last year, I had a bowling party! This year, nothing. My mom cooked me dinner yesterday and brought it all over to my house yesterday. She had to bring it over because Daniel and my dad were working on the car. Yea, they worked on it all weekend before finding the papers about the warranty.

Which reminds me, that is THE BEST purchase we've ever made. We got an extended premium care warranty! It covers almost EVERYTHING on the vechicle. Very worth the purchase!

Well, The Bachelor is getting good ....


MommaYoung said...

Euwww car problems are stinkers and can drain funds, smart thinking on the warranty.

Sorry you didn't get to do anything exciting, but there is always next year.

Happy 27th Birthday!!!

Kaprice said...

Thank you! :o) My birthday did end up ending on a good note.

My Aunt Sharon called me and we talked on the phone until 12:45 a.m. For 3 hours we laughed and cried.

Sharon is my aunt whose daughter died on January 22 of last year. If you look under the Updates of Jessica links you can read the whole story.

When I went to bed I was still laying in bed laughing about all the funny things we talked about. I love her to death. lol

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