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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Poll: Do you shop at thrift stores?

Do you shop at thrift stores/consignment shops? (Good Will, Salvation Army, etc) And why?


Yes, I love them!
6 (100%)
No, that's disgusting.
0 (0%)


SistaWAHMs said...

While in college a few years back I (Tamara) was really, really broke, so broke that when I needed a new pair of jeans the only feasible place I could afford a pair was at a consignment shop. The first time I ever visited a consignment shop I found a cute worn-out perfect fitting pair of jeans – for $3. That night I washed them up and wore them the very next day. As I walked from class to class several of my girlfriends expressed that they loved my jeans, one even asked - where they really expensive? I had no idea why I had gotten so many compliments that day – the jeans fit well and they had that worn look that was in style but other than that I couldn’t figure out why they liked them at all. A few days later I went online to see what all the fuss was about and to my shock the brand of jeans I purchased were over $100 a pair! The jeans were Seven For All Mankind and at that time I had no clue it was a big brand. From that experience I’ve loved consignment shops and each time I go, I can’t wait to find that diamond in the haystack! The consignment shop I visited even showed me how to make money by allowing them to sell my clothes! So to answer the poll: Yes, I love them!

Ellie said...

I'd vote no, but not because I think it's disgusting, but because walmart is closer lol

Farmer*swife said...

Yes Ma'am I do! Isn't it funny that it's coming back as the new cool? LOL!

I have to say, that WonderMom had me 'go with' a few weeks ago. I helped with her two kids while watching my own because she is great with finds to re-sale on Ebay!

But, ended up finding two tops and two adorable dresses for $1.60 a piece! Wal-Mart or Target Quality, and one was above that! :-D

So, yeah. Again, yeah! Like your blog, Gal!

Kaprice said...

My mom drives over an hour to go to a thrift store here in Georgia. She finds SO MUCH STUFF, it's crazy!

She gets name brand clothes for cheap and they're in awesome condition. I keep telling her I'm going to go with her one day but that drive with her yakkin' the whole way! lol ... I'm just not so sure! lol ...

Ebay is awesome. I just bought J.D. two huge lots of clothes one was $12 and the other was $8. I got 11 different outfits, some w/ tags, brand new package of toddler underwear and a new package of socks, 2 pairs of pajamas. I mean, all kinds of stuff!! I love ebay!

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