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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Been a While

I admit, I've abandoned my blog lately. I feel bad but I've just been so busy with life. My once loved job of being a stay-at-home mom came to a screeching halt sometime back in January when tax season started. Since then JD has fell in love with daycare and I've picked up two jobs while going to school. :o( Times are tough right now and we're barely getting by.

Praise God we know the daycare owners. Oh the benefits of living in a small town! I miss him though. I miss being home with him all the time. The kids have contributed to his smart mouth, yes he's only 3, and his rude behavior. We do our best to keep him in line while at home but it's like once he hits those doors it's all down hill from there. Kinda sucks ... I miss my sweet love bug.

Oh and I have a new obsession. I didn't quite catch on to the whole 'Twilight' drama back in September. I didn't know much about it but my cousin saw the movie and was reading the book and so I decided to check it out, too. OMG! I'm hooked and it's quite pathetic.

I'm 27 years old and I've NEVER read a novel in my life that wasn't assigned to me from a teacher. And even then I grabbed the cliff notes.

Y'all!! I'm completely consumed with this book and can't put it down. Some how in my crazy life of always running I've managed to read all but 2 chapters of this book in one week. That's good for me! Poor hubby is about to throw it away because he says I've changed. lol ... I kinda walk around in a daze hoping some sexy vampire comes to sweep me off my feet, kiss me passionately and then gaze into my eyes! Sad huh? LOL Look, a mama can dream right?

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Mom of Three said...

Reading is so important! I know it's hard to find the time, but it's such a nice escape when you can relax with a good book. I'm super passionate about reading because it was my late mother's favorite pastime. She loved reading and especially to her grandkids! Check out the whole story at

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