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Monday, November 2, 2009

Whoa! It's November!

Dude, where did this year go?? Seriously ... this is kinda scary. I was in CVS the other day and they already have out Christmas stuff. I was like "good grief Charlie Brown". And it hit me, I was one day away from Halloween.

I started thinking about this year and what all I have done with myself. As we get older sometimes we get into going through motions and never really stop to think about what we're doing.

I have successfully read cover to cover about 7 books this year! I'm so proud of myself. There were a few years there where I didn't even read one, so 7 is great for me. haha

I've also managed to pay off a credit card and a line of credit. :o) Yay!

I also did something I've never done before ... taxes! Yes, I worked with Jackson Hewitt this past tax season and was a seasonal tax preparer.

I've done some other things to but I don't want to bore you with all of them.

The most important thing I've done though is strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ. I've stepped up to the plate and have taken up my cross to follow after my Savior. In that process I've encouraged other people to do the same. Our preacher said one morning, "What's the last thing you've done for Jesus?" ... It made me think about all he's done for me ... And what have I done in return.

I watched an awesome video a few months ago and I would like for you to watch it. This video is FOR CHRISTIANS ... The Fire! It's pretty great! It's by a man named Nate Pfeil. This video didn't make me feel good ... It made me think!

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