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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Survived My Trip to the Dentist

I'm not sure how you feel about the dentist but I am one of those people who works myself up over everything and feels ashamed of myself afterwards for being so nervous to begin with.

Let me start of by saying that I ignored the dental office for YEARS. I had a filling fall out and ignored it due to being scared of what they were going to do to fix it. My tooth ended up breaking open and after visiting with several dentist who said I needed I root canal I continued to ignore my tooth. It wasn't hurting so I felt like I was okay.

Long story short, I finally broke down and went to a small town dentist office and met the best dentist I've ever been to, in my opinion. He looked at my tooth and said it was bad but not bad enough for root canal. After doing some x-rays he decided to put a temporary filling and I went back 4 weeks later to have my permanent filling. Now, four weeks or more after that my tooth is doing great. :o)

I had my teeth cleaned two weeks ago and had full mouth x-rays done too. The result of those x-rays ... 10 cavities and one dead tooth (root canal). She said my teeth and gums looked great but in between my teeth is where the decay was from not flossing. So, this I say to you: FLOSS!

Today, I had a temporary filling today and when I go back in two weeks I'm going to have it finalized plus THREE more cavities filled.

How do you do it, you say? :o) ... With an MP3 player and prayer! I realized that I'm more scared of the noises of the drills and that sucky thing than anything else. I was jammin' out today to 'Good Directions' by Billy Currington and I opened my eyes and noticed my dentist kinda bobbin' his head. lol ... I paused and some how got out "you hear this?" and he said "yea". I got so embarrassed because I have SO MUCH different music on there from christian to booty shakin' rap lol ... I'm was thinking to myself "oh Lord, did he hear me jammin' to Grillz last time?"

Anyways, all in all, my appointments have not been bad and I'm so thankful that God brought me to this dentist. He is awesome and I trust him completely. I survived that dreaded trip and lived to tell about it. Yay!


Carolee said...

I "fired" my dental office a few years ago- every time I went,a new dentist was there and they would do
an exam and x-rays all over again.

Then I would hear the dentist and hygenist discuss why the last dentist did such and such a certain way. The wrong way, according to what I heard!

I'll admit I haven't been to a dentist since and I'm starting to feel it.

Ironically, I sell dental and health plans p/t!

Oh well...

Found you on CafeMom- Keep on blogging!

Jenny said...

Ugh! I haven't been in forever. My teeth don't bother me so I figure why should I bother going! But maybe I should take a Big Girl Pill and go. By the way, I learned how to add a sig to my blog thanks to you!!!!

Kaprice said...

Carolee - I know what you mean about firing a dentist. I went to three different offices about a bad tooth and they all wanted to do these "consultations" and then have me come back later on. The new dentist didn't do that. I went in, he fixed my tooth instead of saying I needed a root canal or anything and now I'm good.

I'm glad you came by my blog. :o) Thanks for the comment.

Jenny - My teeth still don't bother me and yet I need a root canal and have 10 cavities. They don't hurt. ?? You gotta come back to my page and lemme know when you go to the dentist. :o)

And I'm so glad you figured out how to do a signature. YAY!

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