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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Firefighters Refused to Put Out Fire

First: Read the article HERE.

I'm on my way home from taking J.D. to preschool and I'm listening to News Talk Radio and I almost ran off the road when I heard this story. What has this world come to, y'all? $75!!! This family lost EVERYTHING over a $75 fee! Are you kiddin' me?

The fire began to spread into their neighbors yard and the fire department responded to that and put that out but the let the other's house BURN DOWN!! Pictures. Gone. Animals. Gone. Furniture. Gone. Clothes. Gone. EVERYTHING is gone! Dear God! I'm outraged by this.

I have firefighters in my family and I can not even think how someone can sit back and watch this happen to another human. I can't believe they weren't like taking up quick donations or something to pay that $75 for this family. Especially in this economy.

Please keep this family in your prayers and ask for God's hand to move in their situation.

Any thoughts on this??

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