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Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 Days Later ...

13 Days Until Christmas!!

Y'all!! Where has this month gone? Seriously. It has been 12 days since my last post. During that time my husband and I have been trying to get our super tiny house prepared to add another family member to it. Much easier said than done. 

Our computer room/storage room has to be cleaned out. The wallpaper needs to be taken down and the walls either need to be covered again or painted. Deer wallpaper is not sufficient for my little girl's room. This may sound easy to the average "Joe"sephine but it's not ... We have a lot of stuff ... THAT WE USE!  

Before we could start on that room though our room needed to be cleaned out and so did the attic. Now remember, our house is like SUPER DUPER small. I mean our whole house has one bathroom. Our closets are tiny and so is the attic space. So needless to say we have donated a ton of stuff to Salvation Army (about two truck loads full).

I'm so over this whole thing. I feel like it's all we do is clean out that room and organize the rest of the house to accommodate our other things. Headache. 

ANYWAYS, onto a better note. Our church hosted a Breakfast with Santa fundraiser today and it was so much fun. :o)  We're raising money for our Women's Fearless Conference in February. My due date is around that time .... I hope I can come. lol

So, JD has seen Santa FOUR times this year already. The last three times have been the same Santa. We know this Santa personally and he knows JD so this is fun. Well today at the breakfast JD was a total Santa Stalker. He watched him and talked to him constantly. So cute. We've taught him that the real Santa lives in the North Pole but these are all of Santa's helpers; that way he doesn't get real confused. 

Anywho, he has continuously asked Santa for a kitchen set. What are you thoughts on boy's with kitchen sets?? Seriously.  In my opinion they're girl toys. Now, I did find a Little Tikes Grill that I'm thinking about ordering. But my issue is that we've already met our budget for JD for Christmas. Santa told me today, lol, that if I didn't get that boy the kitchen set he keeps asking for he's going to put coal in my stocking. I don't want coal in my stocking so I guess I need to get it. I don't know ... 

Well, I'm sick and coughing so I guess I ought to go get some water. I don't need to keep spreading my germs everywhere. Y'all pray for me. I'm actually taking medicine for being sick! I know it's approved medicine but it still scares me, especially being almost 32 weeks pregnant, ya know?

Good Night! :o) Oh, tell me what you think about 4-year old boys with kitchen/grilling sets. Do you think it's okay?


Ashley @ Joyful Creations said...

I've wondered the same thing for Aaron. He LOVES playing with the one that we have in the church nursery. His favorite piece is the chicken leg and the frying pan... go figure! Anyway, I think it's A-OK as long as it's not the girl-y kind. I like the grill that you picked out. I also know there are TONS of ideas on the web for creating your own. If you haven't given away everything you might be able to find some items to throw together add some paint and "hardware" and you can make a kitchen or a grill set. Just google "Diy Play Kitchen" of course most of them will look girl-y but you could add more masculine touches to it.

My Mommy Time Online said...

Ashley, that is an awesome idea!! I'm so gonna have to do that.

JD's favorite center at pre-k is the kitchen/house center. lol ... He loves it.

Coupons said...

Rearranging in a small house is interesting, to say the least. Good luck!

marcie said...

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harada57 said...

JD's favorite center at pre-k is the kitchen/house center. lol ... He loves it.


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