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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

JD got a haircut today

While I was out today doing my Avon deliveries I decided JD couldn't wait any longer for a haircut so I called Crystal and set up an appointment. Bless Crystal's heart, lol, she sure does have her hands full when she cuts his hair because that little worm will not sit still.

Let me just inform everyone, JD doesn't like to be touched by anyone he doesn't know. And unless HE sees YOU frequently he might forget your face. He loves flirting and playing with strangers from afar but as soon as someone comes towards him he's pitching a fit. Don't believe me ... come to the pediatricians office with me. OMG, talk about embarrassing.

Now, in the past JD has known to have some gapped up hair cuts but it's not Crystals fault, lol, she really does do her best with him. He's just a handful. Even today we almost lost an ear and perhaps the tip of a finger. I wish you could see us trying to keep him entertained and occupied. NOTHING WORKS! Cars, trucks, the neck brush, keys, scissors (lol, just kidding). We don't give him scissors. But anyways, even though he moved around today Crystal really did a great job with his hair. He looks like a little toddler and it's so cute.

JD's hair is so thin and fine. It's not like "normal" toddler hair. It seems as though he still has baby hair. And he has two crowns or whatever you call those things ... So his hair grows weird. Does anyone know what that happens?? I would love to know. And because he's a Williams he has a receding hair line, he gets that honest. He's had it since birth. Bless his heart ...

Well, I should go attempt to clean up.

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