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Friday, November 23, 2007

The weekend is here

The weekend is finally here! YAY!

Along with everyone else, Thanksgiving Day was extremely busy for my family. We had 3 places to visit and eat. I am very thankful that we have family that we can spend that time with. I am more than aware that there are people who don't have anyone to share a conversation with, much less a dinner.

JD was so much fun and his little belly was just poking out from all the turkey -- his words "tuky" -- and all of the cranberry sauce he ate. :o) He was precious.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy and rushed day for us. My mom was supposed to watch JD for us so we could get our Christmas tree up, get the lights on the house and to get the computer room cleaned out. OMG, our computer room has turned into a junk room somehow. It's embarrassing so ... I just have to do something about it. If JD was here he would only be in the way.

Well ... my mom got sick last night. My wonderful dad opened the windows in the house yesterday while mama was cooking because it got so hot from the oven being on. Well, he forgot to close the one in the bedroom. My mother sounded like a man when I talked to her today! lol ... She was laughing at my dad saying "It's damn 35 degrees outside and we're sleeping with the window open!" lol ... You should have heard her. So, needless to say, JD isn't going over there. I don't want him to get sick and mama just doesn't want him over there.

Dana, my mother-in-law, let JD spend the night with her since we were already over there and we're going to go pick him up when we're finished tomorrow. I was looking forward to him being a mama's though because he was going to stay over there all day, and Daniel and I were going to have time to spend together. That won't be happening now because Dana has plans tomorrow. I'm thankful he's going over there but Daniel and I never get "alone time" together and I guess I was looking forward to it being just US. Does that make sense?

Uh, let's see. What else? ... I received another letter in the mail from that new church we're going to. If there was ever a business/company/organization that wasn't going green, lol, this one is it. In the past 2 1/2 weeks we have received 6 letters from them. 6! Daniel and I were looking at each other like, good grief. They could've stuffed all of the information into one big envelope and mailed it to us? Or better yet, send in an email since they ask for your email address on the visitor registration form. My friend Jesse and her husband Chris came with us this past Sunday ... and the church called them. They didn't call us. lol ... I guess we have a weird number or something. They must have known we'd be back.

The letter today thanked us for coming back and all. Jesse, praise God, decided she is going to come visit with us again this Sunday, too! :o) Woo-Hoo - I like it because we don't get to see each other often because we live about an hour from each other. The church is only about 30-35 minutes from my house, so it's not a bad drive at all.

Alright ... I'm tired! :o) Night! Night!

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Tot's Mom said...

You seem to have quite a lot to do with Christmas approaching. Take care and hope your mom will feel better soon.

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