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Thursday, November 29, 2007

We have had a death in our family

I posted this to my MySpace - I wanted to post it here.

Hey everybody. We have had a death in our family and I need everyone's prayers for my family.

Many of you have heard me talk of my dear family friends Cassie and Ray. They are second parents to me and have been an active part of my life since I was 2 months old.

Their son David passed away today of a heart attack. He was only 38 years old! He was like a brother to me and I loved him dearly. My mom and him coached my softball team when I was little. :o) AND, he bought me one of my first New Kids on the Block tapes! lol .. We always had a wonderful time together ... I still can't believe he's gone!

After dropping off his 2 boys at school (13 & 11) he was on the phone with his ex-wife and he had a heart attack and died. His car was still driving and he went across another lane of traffic, into a school yard, through a church yard and into some bushes and hit a tree. The heart attack killed him. Yvette said that he said "I hope this stops" talking about his chest hurting and the phone went staticy ... if that's even a word. A few minutes later she got a call from a police officer and he told her what happened.

I found out this information around 10 am this morning and immediately left my house. The family isn't doing well. Cassie and Ray are doing as best as they can and Davids brother Michael is having a hard time too.

Please keep everyone in your prayers. Arrangements are being made tomorrow and we'll find out when the funeral is. The funeral home will be Parrott Funeral Home in Fairburn Georgia. His information should be up sometime tomorrow.

I will probably not be on the computer tomorrow. Between Karalee and this I'm torn on what to do. BTW, Karalee is being induced at 6 am in the morning. :o) I'm freakin ecstatic. If you get a chance drop by her page and wish her well.

Karalee is in Macon and Cassie is in Jonesboro. So, if you need me, hit me up on my cell phone. I'm sure I'll be in Jonesboro helping in any way I can.

I love all of you!


RIP - David Shelton

UPDATE: The crash made the paper - read it now.


Spiritlifter said...

Im so sorry, you and your friends family are in my thoughts and I wish all of you as much peace and love that there can be in this sad time.

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry for your loss!
My thoughts and prayers are with you all!
If you need to talk you can get to me several ways!!!

Kara- aka Mamaxs3

piper of love said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss.

My sincerest wishes of love and peace for you.

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