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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Backseat Box - Crafts For Kids

This laptop box is just the ticket for packing games, toys and snacks to take along on a road trip.

Empty cereal box
White Con-Tact paper
Colored tape
Craft knife
Felt scrap

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. First, remove the waxed paper lining from the cereal box and close the box top. Cover the outside of the box with white Con-Tact paper, as you would if you were wrapping a gift box.

2. Apply long strips of dark-colored tape around the center of the box to create a roadway. Then use short pieces of yellow tape to create a dotted centerline. Use more colored tape to fashion decorative road signs to stick on the rest of the box.

Next, set the box, back side down, on a flat surface and pencil on a large rectangle. Use the craft knife to score the top line of the rectangle (a parent's job), but do not cut all the way through the cardboard. Now, cut along the remaining three pencil lines, this time cutting through the cardboard, to create an opening flap.

To make the box easy to open, staple the piece of felt to the lower edge of the flap, and the box is ready to use.


Shalene said...

Very neat idea!!! I love it! Now do you have a girl's version??

I also got your question on cre8buzz, and if you still need help with something on your blog, I'd be happy to help. I changed my own blog all around, and helped a friend change her template as well, so I've gotten a little bit of experience. Feel free to contact me, if you like. Blessings to you!

kawaii crafter said...

love how you made the box a toy as well, very clever

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