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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Soapy Snowmen - Crafts for Kids

If there's one craft kids can't resist, it's sculpting.
Children are born to squish, roll and stick stuff together.

2 cups mild, powdered laundry detergent (we tested and recommend Ivory Snow Ultra)
1/2 cup water
Twigs, cloves, buttons, felt, seed beads, tempera paints, egg carton and pipe cleaner

To mix up a batch of faux snow, pour the Ivory Snow into a bowl, add the water and whip with an electric beater until doughy.

Shape the damp soap into three balls. Stack them by gently pushing a toothpick halfway into the center of the bottom ball. Then, push the middle ball down onto the toothpick until the two balls touch. Do the same for the snowman's head.

Now, add twig arms, clove eyes, shirt buttons and a felt scarf. To make a smiling mouth, press on a row of seed beads. For a mini carrot nose, color the tip of a short twig with orange paint. Top off the snowman with an egg-cup hat or a set of pipe-cleaner earmuffs. As the soap dries (this can take a few hours), it will lose its grayish tinge and turn bright white.

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