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Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is so unfair!

I think life is unfair sometimes. For instance, a couple of week's ago JD was sick. I took him to the doctor, he got medicine and now he's well. I took JD to the pediatrician on Monday, well, the Thursday before that, Daniel was sick. He took some medicine and he got well. I was praising God because I had yet to get sick! Woo Hoo!!

Well, guess what? I'm so sick now! It's so unfair. This is the thanks I get from Mother Nature for caring for my family when they needed me. My throat is ON FIRE. I keep coughing up this "gook" and I'm so tired. I feel like my whole body is a rubber band that is stuck in one place. It sucks.

JD is so sweet though, earlier when I my body began coughing uncontrollably and I started spitting up the gook, he put his hand on my leg and hugged it. lol .. Isn't he a sweety? I love 'em.

I'm going to finish watching Rachael Ray now. TTFN!

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