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Friday, January 4, 2008

What Can JD Do Now?

Braggin' Rights! My kid is a genius! haha ... He is to me. I have no one to compare him to.

Guess what he can do now? He can put his arms like he's flexing his "big muscles" and say "I STRAWNG" hehe ... It's soooo cute!

You can also say "JD, Kiss Kiss" and he'll come up and kiss you. Such a love bug! He is so polite, too. He'll say "thank you" and "you're welcome". He apparently loves everyone because he'll tell anybody "luz you". After he eats he feels like he needs "tutie" (cookie), "hutey" (sucker - don't ask, I don't know how he got hutey from sucker" or "apple". ??

It's precious! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. When we tell him to show us his mean face, lol, he'll roll his eyes. 21 months old and the kid can roll his eyes. *looking away* I'm not sure where he gets it from. hehe ...

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