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Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Still Alive

I just wanted to post a confirmation of my still being alive. I didn't die when I went skating Saturday night. lol ... However, all 4 of us did fall at some point or another. Honestly, I think it was the floor and not the skaters because EVERYONE there was falling all over the place. It was odd.

Sunday we went to church with my Mom at the church she's visiting, Joshua's Place. I liked it. It was different from our church, Avalon. Daniel and I can't decide where we want to go. Both churches have their pros and cons. We'll be praying about this one for a while.

We're getting our taxes done tonight. Wish us luck. We're letting H&R Block do it again this year. Hopefully, we'll get a good chunk of change back and we can get caught up on some bills.

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