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Friday, June 27, 2008

Is it okay for parents to let their child have a sip of beer or wine?

After you vote on the poll ...
Discuss your answer here!

Tell me why you feel the way you do. At what age do you think it's appropriate to let your child "sip" alcohol?

7/31/08 - The poll has closed! I surely appreciate all of the votes!
Here's the results since they won't stay up forever:

84 Votes Total

66% of you feel that it is NOT OKAY for children to have a sip of beer or wine. (28)
33% of you feel that is IS OKAY for children to have a sip of beer or wine. (56)


Amanda said...

In some cultures or religions it is a common practice. But what can be disputed is that alcohol alters behaviour no matter what age. It is also more toxic for children and if given to a child on medications can also be lethal. Alcohol should be allowed by people 18 years old or older because those who are old enough to fight in the military should be allowed to drink. Any younger and I draw the line.

Anonymous said...

The poll specifically says "sip" and I think it's perfectly fine for you to allow your OWN child to have a sip. We don't drink beer but my kids have tasted my wine before and they are just fine. Small amounts of wine are actually good for your health! If you don't let them try things in a controlled environment, they will experiment on their own somehow, someway and probably not how you would want them to.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely 100% for introducing children of a reasonable age (13+) to alcohol. My mom and my grandparents were raised in Great Britain, and so they were very used to having children drink a glass of wine at dinner with their parents. When I was around 13 my grandmother started asking me if I wanted half a glass of wine at dinner, and at first I didn't like it, but I quite enjoy a glass of wine at dinner when I go visit her now.

The reason I am 100% for doing this is because I think one of the biggest reasons teenagers drink too much, and end up driving drunk and going to crazy parties is because alcohol is off limits to them, and most teens find things that are off limits exciting, and want to experience it. And this is NOT the way to go when introducing someone to alcohol!

If a child learns from a young age that alcohol is no big deal, and can be enjoyed without going overboard, they can learn that they don't need to go out and get drunk with their friends.

I have never been to a crazy party, and I've only been drunk three times in my life. I can honestly say that's not very many times for a girl of 19 years old, and I know that one of the reasons I never had much interest in abusing alcohol was because I was already used to it, I was already introduced to alcohol, so it wasn't some big thing I wasn't allowed.

And I thank my grandma for showing me how to actually ENJOY alcohol rather than just use it to get drunk.

Sue said...

I don't agree with giving your child a sip. A family member of mine used to do this off and on when their son was young, and by the age of 12, he was up to drinking a full bottle of beer! I guess you could say that is the parent's fault, as they let it go waaaaay beyond "just having a sip".

I'm just very strict when it comes to that....unless you're 21, there is no "sipping" of any kind allowed at my home.

Cassandra Rae said...

When I was growing up alcohol was super taboo. If you drank a beer once a week every Friday after work, then you were an alcoholic. The funny thing is that the first time I got drunk - literally wasted - I was 12 years old. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating. And I know that looking back it was partly because alcohol was labeled as being bad, evil, and wrong. The taboo and the criticism actually made me want it even more. So now that I am a parent of teens (15 yo girl and 19 yo boy) I do allow them to have a sip of wine when I'm enjoying a glass. They know the difference between having a sip and drinking behind our backs. It's never been an issue and it is something that we talk openly about on a regular basis.

BTW, this is my first visit to your blog (I found you through blogcatalog) and I think it's pretty cool :~)

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