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Friday, June 27, 2008

Turn Off The Lights For One Hour Every Day

Recently I was talking to someone about my efforts in conserving energy and ways I'm lowering my energy bill.

One of the things that I have done everyday for well over 4 months is this: I turn off all of my lights and unplug the appliances that I can for at least one hour each day. I open my blinds a little bit during the day for light instead of turning on a lamp. I have a window in my bathroom so I don't turn on the lights as often as some would when I'm in there. Basically, I try to do more things without using electricity.

I was watching something on T.V. and they said that even though an appliance isn't turned on but is still plugged in, it's still using electricity. I didn't know that ... So now, I turn off my computer when I'm not using it. I also unplug my cell phone charger, toaster and coffee pot when I'm finished using it.

Also, keeping your air conditioner at ONE temperature and NOT touching it will save you a ton too. We keep ours on 73 and it doesn't budge.

I can proudly say that my family's light bill has been less than $180 every month for quite some time. It's actually $172 this month.

Folks, this isn't necessarily about "Going Green!", it's also about saving yourself money in this crazy mess our country has gotten into. So, here's the thing ... I was curious to know who else will start having or already has Earth hour everyday? Tell me about it ... What else do you do?

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