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Friday, June 27, 2008

Will You Be Traveling in Style?

Yes, I said traveling. Where are you going? Do you have your hotel room booked? Have you already make plans each day of what you're going to do? Of course, you have it all planned out.

But what about your luggage? Yes, your luggage! Do you have the right luggage for your trip? I'm not talking about that old luggage that was passed down from Grandpa Joe! It doesn't even have wheels! Yes, Wheeled Luggage is the greatest thing since sliced bread. lol I'm talking about great quality luggage that is going to last ...

Did you know that having the right luggage can make or break a trip?
Perhaps you should let Hartmann help you get the right luggage for your family. They have 130 years of experience, or should I say, memorable journeys. From wheeled luggage to tote bags; from Leather Luggage to basic nylon, they have everything you're looking for to get you organized for your next trip.

Ladies, does your husband frequently travel? Does he have good quality Carry-On Luggage? See, my dad often travels with his company and bless his heart, his carry-on luggage was pitiful. It was a bright red bag with a Carnival Cruise tag still stuck to it. lol Yes, it was MINE from when Daniel and I took our 1st vacation. I had to get him a new bag. Be sure to check out the good carry-on luggage with Hartmann. Get your man something worth carrying.

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