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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dollar Stretcher

Y'all know I'm about to start learning to crochet ... All I need is yarn. lol I'm still waiting on that that Ebay shipment to arrive. Well after doing a search for inexpensive yarn, I found WHAT A GREAT SITE!

You totally have to check it out. It gives you great ways to save money in ALL AREAS of your life. I could always save money on my grocery bill and I was reading new ways to try and save on that. One way, which I knew about, was Angel Food Ministries. I've used this service before but don't regularly. However, I may need to start using it regularly.

Another helpful section I read was One Income Families. Even though I work as a waitress part-time this whole section was helpful because my $200 I make a week doesn't go far. It's basically gas and grocery money ... But, I'm also digging us out of debt with our envelope method.

Did y'all read my post on that? Ex: I have a credit card bill that's about $280 or so. For four weeks I'm putting $67 in my envelope and very soon I'll have that credit card paid off. By the end of this year we'll have close to $2,000 in unnecessary bills paid off by doing this little envelope method. I'm only doing one bill at a time and over a 4-6 week span. The only one that is going to be long is the Gap bill. That one is stretching out over a 12 week period. Yep, its a big one. Then, once this year is over, starting in January, we'll be starting a new bill to get paid off. Slowly but surely.

So, back on topic, lol. The site is great, check it out! :o)


conner.ash said...

Oh my goodness, I love the dollar stretcher. If you just go straight to it will take you to the page that is updated every monday morning, it's a normal monday morning routine for me, get to work 20 minutes early so I can read all the articles on :)

Kaprice said...

Thanks for the info! :o)

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