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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I don't do this often (never) but I have got to get some things off my chest. I'm insanely irritated to the point that I can't even close my eyes and try to fall asleep. I know ... that's bad ain't it? What am I so irritated about? Where do I even begin?

Now, y'all know I waitress a few nights a week at restaurant in my small town (super small town). Well, I'm not sure how much longer I can take this crap. I constantly have to think of JD while I'm there or I'd walk the heck up out of that place. I think diapers, golden oreos, milk ... *tench ty* << -- what JD calls french fries. lol I have to remind myself that this money pays for groceries and gas! See, heres the deal, I used to be a LOUD mouth and usually got my way on everything. (pushing my horns back down) Once JD was born it really calmed me down A LOT and I finally got my head on my shoulders right and the Mommy mentality TOOK OVER! And I feel like I've completely changed ... I've grown up since then. Okay, I told you that to tell you this. But, there are situations that I am put in where I have a choice to "get ghetto with it" and break somebody off something or be responsible and just let it go! I usually choose to let it go because it's just not that serious but I am T-TOTALLY pissed off tonight and I need a new job. Everyday I go into work and keep to myself. I don't get caught up in the "baby mama drama" and don't put my business all in the streets. I have a couple of friends and all but usually I make my money and walk! End of story. I believe that my boss has taken that as a weakness because she doesn't really know ME! She knows the conservative Kaprice who goes to church and doesn't do anything wrong. She doesn't know the old me or the me that gets angry and throws fits and scares people. *SMILE* Where's my Zoloft? lol

Without going into it all, I feel like I was treated like a "red-headed step child" tonight and I'm straight sick of it. She barks orders like she's freakin Hitler and just expects everybody to do what she says. There is nothing nice about this woman. Seriously! She can't keep employees, they all quit! (Why do I stay?) She thinks because she owns the place, lol (I know how this sounds) that she can treat people like ****. And yes, I know she can because she owns it. And you're probably thinking "quit" if you don't like it. Well, times are tough and it's not that easy.

However, I'm looking for something new and keeping my options open. I'm not complaining without trying to find a solution! *HAHA - I'm a little over achiever*

My only issue is that I refuse to put JD in a daycare. I can't pay someone to watch my son grow up. It works for my family to work 3-4 nights a week and help pay bills. That's just what works, ya know. And I know, you do what you gotta do. But I can't do that. Different strokes for different folks! I tried it. Seriously, I went and got my parapro certificate and worked for a month. That was hell! Daniel quickly let me know that that was not an option.

So ... here I sit. Irritated and don't want to go in tomorrow just to prove a point. Too bad.

Now, here's my other pain in my bum! People who don't follow directions! Good grief people. Is it that hard? lol I won't EVEN go there and post what that's about but ... *shaking head* Let's just say ... oh nothing ... I'm shutting up. haha ...

Well ... I'm off to see the wizard ... the wonderful wizard of oz!

p.s. Who knows ... Maybe God gave me the gift of crocheting and I just don't know it yet! LOL We'll see soon. My shipment should be here ANY DAY!

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