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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saving Money for JD's College Fund

A friend a church told me about how I can begin saving money for JD's college fund! I must be honest, I'm a bit mad at myself for not doing this earlier, like 2 years ago! :o)

Upromise – The easy way to start saving for college! See, I didn't join at first because I thought you had to have a credit card, see we don't have those! But you can use your debit card. I have that. And you can also register your grocery cards from like Ingles, Kroger, Publix and CVS. I was like, WOW! So, I signed up last night and spent about an hour checking out all of the stores that are affiliated with UPromise!

Ebay, CVS, Wal-Mart, Gap, Old Navy ... and soooooooo much more. I got all excited once I realized how many stores I shop at will give me back up to 25% of the total bill. Then I got even more excited because Christmas is just 5 1/2 months away. All of the money I spend on Christmas ... shoot, I can save all kinds of money for JD's college fund.

Join Upromise for free and let hundreds of America’s leading companies help you save for college!


Jeff Frese said...

Hey Kaprice,
You missed a great 529 savings resource. It’s Freshman Fund. Freshman Fund is like a registry for college savings. Parents go to the site, attach their 529, create a public profile and email friends and family a link where they can contribute directly into the child’s 529 account in lieu of or in addition to the usual birthday/holiday gifts. Great for parents and great for gift givers and it’s environmentally friendly gifting.

DISCLOSURE: I’m the founder of Freshman Fund. I was at my niece’s birthday party watching her tear through a pile of gifts taller than she was. At the end of the mele my gift was tossed aside into a pile of other forgotten gifts. I spent a-lot of time and money selecting her gift and I though it was a waste. I told her parents that from now on I was just going to contribute to her college savings. I asked them what website to go to in order to that and none existed. So I started Freshman Fund.

Mommy Who? said...

My dad once told me my husband and I wouldn't have any money until the kids were grown and out of the house. My youngest son is 3.
Looks like we got a ways to go!
I feel ya'!

Kaprice said...

lol ... You know, when I look at the debt we've accumulated, lol, it all began right before JD was born!

We do have a long ways to go ...

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