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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is Your Bills IQ?

I came across this really cool website where you can get your Bills IQ! I thought I'd check it out and boy ... lol ... I need some help!

After a short 5 minute quiz I found out that I scored a 77% which is a C. Isn't that terrible? But ... I know I'm not alone and there are others who are worse off than me so that makes me feel a little better.

After you get your score they provide you some debt help with tips and advice.
This was really helpful for me to read because although I already knew some of the tips, it was a refreshing course for me.

For example, we've already submitted our credit card debt to a debt consulting company and they've managed to eliminate late fees and all that, now we're paying one monthly fee and that's helping a lot.

As many of you know, I work 4 nights a week waitressing. It's easy for me to put money away because I make it everyday. Currently we have 3 unnecessary bills that need to be eliminated: Gap, Penn Foster and Ultra Diamond. My goal is to have them all paid off within 6 months using only my money I make at the restaurant. That's $1,500 in 6 months. This may seem easy to you but it's rough for us because Christmas is coming soon a
nd we still have other bills that are due too. I have 3 envelopes that I'm going to put money in each day I work. With my plan, these will all be paid by December 31 of this year. Then, once those are paid off, I can focus on a couple of other unnecessary bills. By the end of next year, Daniel and I plan on having many of our unnecessary bills paid off then we can focus better on eliminating the debt with the debt consulting company. Slowly but surely we're getting there.

This website gives you tips on how you can improve your BillsIQ by doing littl
e things that in return will help improve your credit score. They also go over each question with you giving you advice.

Did you know that you should be saving 10% of your paycheck? Yep! Daniel and I took this financial course at a church this year. The preacher was talking about tithing and all. 10% of your paycheck should be tithes, 10% should be savings and the rest should be what you live off of. The website advises you to be saving 10% of your income, too.

I highly recommend checking this website out! You'll really learn a lot and plus, it's fun!

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