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Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Website: Key Ingredient

I came across a new website and I want to share it with you. If cooking is a hobby for you and you LOVE looking a recipes then you are going to be all about Key Ingredients! This is the new best place for cooks to share their recipes on the internet.

I wanted to share this you because I personally found it helpful and figured other Moms .. or Dads could find this service helpful.

In my kitchen I have a whole bookshelf of cookbooks ... But how often do I use them? Maybe once a month. When I'm on a hunt for a new recipe, I look online and set up my laptop in the kitchen and go from there. :o) I have bookmarks all over the place online, lol. So, with this site ... I can store all of my favorites in one place. This is just awesome!

There are many different services this website offers too ... not only can you store your recipes online to share .. or not to share with other people but you can also have your recipe collection published as a cookbook. That is SO awesome. When Daniel and I were sending out our wedding invitations many moons ago we included a note in there for people to bring their favorite recipe to the reception and a box will be there for them to put them in. Buddy, we racked up! I've never thought of making a cookbook to give as gifts or something to have for my kids in the future to look through. I'm sure Granny won't be living when JD has kids ... But her recipes will be there. I don't know, I thought it was a nice idea.

There are quite a few other member services that Key Ingredient offers. After you sign-up, you can view them all!

Have fun ...

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