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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why Logo?

This is great! You're going to love it.

All businesses need a logo! It's something that just makes your business stand out. Most people have visual memories and remember a business just for it's logo! Just think about your favorite drink, what's their logo? See ... it's a visual thing! Make a lasting impression on your customers with a logo that stands out!

Is your business in need of a logo? Are you looking for a change and not sure where to start? Then, you are at the right place at the right time.

Vista Print is offering, for a limited time, free logos design! This company is always offering free stuff for businesses and I love it. I've used them before in the past and I have always been well satisfied with their products.

The logo design is an easy three-step process. You can get it done it minutes! You can include a company name, an icon or both! They have many industry designs to choose from and you can even narrow the results down to fit your style. All of the designs are awesome! I was very impressed with this service!

Because your logo will appear on all of your marketing materials, VistaPrint allows you to view your logo on all the products they offer. This is another wonderful service they offer!

Enjoy your free logo! :o)


WAHM Tara said...

The issue with using those logo creators are there are 100's of other companies using the same logo. A logo design is all about identity. It is hard to create an unique identity when more than one person is using a logo.

Kaprice said...

You're right but freebies are always good! :o)

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