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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dr. Mom

We are still sick in the Williams household today! JD and I both have got "the funk". That's what we call it when we're sick, lol. Daniel even has a little song to go along with it. I know, we're goofy! We've been taking OTC medicine but it doesn't seem to be strong enough. If we're still sick on Sunday I'm going to make us appointments to go to the doctor. :o( Our co-pays are so much that's why I haven't gone yet. $40 for my doctor and $35 ofr JD's pediatrician.

Oh, which reminds me. I have to tell you something funny. We had to go to CVS yesterday before we went to church so that we could get JD some new medicine for his runny nose. While I'm on the medicine aisle looking at Alavert for me this lady is talking to Daniel about ... her rash! *turning up nose* I look up at him and he's looking at me like ... what the?

Anyway, she bends down and is looking at the Benedryl and says to me "Look at this" and pulls up her hair and there is a rash ALL OVER HER NECK! She says, "What do you think it is?" lol ... Um, do I look like a doctor? I don't have on a white coat and a stethoscope. I was really polite, I smiled and said, "I'm not sure ... I'm not a doctor". I wasn't rude when I was it but a little sarcastic and she just grinned. hehe ...

She said her doctor prescribed Allegra but her insurance doesn't cover it. She was looking for something else. Well, she sees the CVS brand of Benedryl and it reads ALLERGY and that poor lady said, "Well there's the Allegra. I wonder why they have it out here?" lol ... We didn't have the heart to tell her that ALLERGY wasn't Allegra. Afte a a minute of talking we wished her a good night and went to church.

*shaking head* I love people!

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