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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

43 Days to Christmas

Let me just tell you how much I have been stressin' about Christmas this year. It started last year with wanting to make everyone no-sew fleece blankets. Then I ventured to learn how to crochet and that fell through. After that, I wanted to make gifts in a jar for everyone and posted recipes like jams and jellies, etc. I've decided not to do that either.

NOW ... this is my new plan! lol Hopefully, I'll stick with this one! See, we have a huge Christmas list. It's actually too big! But, we don't really have a choice. Every year Daniel and I argue about it and every year we get through it. Here's my list:
  1. My Mom, My Dad, My Sister
  2. His Mom, His Dad, His 2 Brothers
  3. His Mom's Parents
  4. His Dad's Parents
  5. His Dad's Brother, Wife and 2 Kids
  6. Ray (my second dad)
  7. Michael and Sarabeth (Ray's son and his wife)
  8. Granny Holder (Daniel's Mom's Grandmother)
  9. Karalee and Wesley (My Best Friend and Her Husbnd)
  10. Jesse and Chris (My Best Friend and Her Husband)
  11. Matt and Mason (Daniel's Cousin & Son) we drew their names
  12. Tony & Nicki (Young Adults Leaders, Great Friends)
  13. Crystal (My friend, Hair Dresser)
  14. Rick and Donna (My Pastor and His Wife)
  15. My Aunt Sharon
  16. My Aunt Carol
  17. My Aunt Regina
  18. My Uncle Bud
  19. My Granny
I know it seems like unnecessary buying but these are people closest in our lives and I want to show my love for them this holiday season! Here's what I plan to do ... I'm making homemade baked goods gift baskets for everyone. I'm going to divide them up into families so I'm only going to be making about 20 gift baskets. I know there's only 19 but I'm buying an extra basket.

Over at I can purchase 20 baskets for like $70! Not too bad! I'm still searching for these though. :o) I'd like to find something a bit cheaper. I need a basket that's atleast 10" x 8" x 3" or so.

And here's what I'm going to fill the baskets with: Pecan Pie Mini Muffins, Mini Pumpkin Butterscoth Muffins, Soft Christmas Sugar Cookies, White Trash Mix, Peanut Butter Haystacks and Hot Cocoa Mix in a Jar. Also, I purcahsed 4 cute mini photo calanders from a store and I am going to include those into the grandparents baskets. I'm going to put pictures of JD in there. has CUTE Christmas plastic bags to put the goodies in. Instead of using plain ziploc bags or plastic wrap, I'm going to wrap them up in festive holiday bags. I think they'll look nice wrapped up in a basket.

The thing is this .... I would rather spend money on JD for Christmas than anyone else. Daniel has been putting a portion of his check into a Christmas fund this year and he'll get about $1,100 at the end of this month. JD will be 3 April 3rd and he really needs new toys that are educational and fun, not the things he has now. He needs new (can be used, I'm not picky) clothes and things because he grows so fast. Ya know? I don't want to spend more than $300 on all of the people above. And I don't even want to spend all of the Christmas fund on Christmas! I'd like to reserve some of it.

I don't know ... I'll figure something out .... Any ideas!?


Aimie said...

I love your idea for the gift baskets. I give them all the time because my husband has 4 other siblings and their extended families we have to buy for as well.

Any way one thing that I have given that you might like to try is cocoa in a jar. It is so easy. The recipe is on the back of the Hershey baking cocoa box, which is one ingredient you need anyway, you can find it in the grocery store in the baking section. Just then make a cute tag copying the easy instructions on the box. I added mini marshmallows and bits of broken up peppermint candy canes. The kids even helped me put it together.

Good luck and let us know how your baskets turn out!

Sarah Cook said...

I thought that I was feeling stressed with my Christmas list, but you have quite a list! The baskets sound like a good deal! I like your idea about what to put in them, too. Every year we struggle with what to buy for my MIL, and that sounds like something she might actually enjoy!

Mary Moss said...

The gift basket idea is great! Our family grew so large = moms, dads, siblings (and their children) that we just couldn't give gifts to everyone after several years.

This year, we are going to make a donation to one or two charities in the names of our family members.

Of course, we let the families know ahead of time. We also asked not to receive gifts, but rather to have family members save the money, or make a donation themselves in our name:-)

conner.ash said...

Wow Kaprice, I've been the exact same way for the past 5 years. This year I don't have much of a choice. Your idea is great! As for baskets, I don't know how close you are to a Goodwill but I get baskets there all the time for a $1.00 a piece or less. That would be way cheaper than the website although for brand new baskets the $70 doesn't sound too bad. Love your ideas of what to include in the basket, my mouth was watering while read it. LOL!

My Boys said...

I love the treat basket idea! That is what I am doing this year to. I requested that family members not purchase us gifts and that we would be making them a small and edible token of love this year :) I'm excited to get cooking!

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