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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's New with Me?

I took the book 2 assessment test from Jackson Hewitt last night and PASSED! woo hoo! I'm so happy! However, had my friend Nicki not been there, I might've had a nervous breakdown. After 3 hours of testing my brain was fried and I couldn't think anymore, she came over helped me get organized again! It's sad but sometimes I just get so flustered that I need some direction. I know the material .... I just have issues sometimes.

I wonder though if I'm going to be able to be a sufficient tax preparer if I can't concentrate under pressure. I don't want to doubt myself but I really need to get my act together. Nicki is a sweetheart though because she told me last night after the test that I need to quit being so negative and hard on myself. I agree. It's hard though because when you've been told your whole life that you can't do something, after a long time it starts to set in.

I love my mom with all of my heart but she's not the most uplifting person I've ever met. She has a negative streak in her but I'm praying for her about that. Anywho, when I told her that I was going to be taking classes at Jackson Hewitt to learn how to prepare taxes she basically told me that she doesn't know why I'm wasting my time with it because I'm probably not going to like it. You're considered passing if you make an 80% or more. Well, on one of the test I made a 78% (failing) and I told her about it and she was like, see ... I told you this isn't for you! :o( I ended up making up the test and passed with a 100%! And since then I've only "failed" about 4 other ones but I've made them all up. And as of today, my average in the class is an 89%! That's really good!!

Well, I saw this video yesterday and it really opened my eyes. I want you to watch it ... Just be sure to TURN UP your volume so you can hear the conversation in the background.

I want to say right now that my mom was not the only person who put me down in my life. I don't at all want to make her seem like she was a mean mom or anything. She is/was very loving my whole life, she just didn't want to see my fail I guess. Teachers, friends, family members .... those are the other people who I remember telling me that I was dumb or stupid and would never be able to do this or that. And I would not be good at this hobby or that sport. ... Those things followed me into my adult life.

But the more I learn about the power we have in our words, I realize where I get my thought process from and see how words can effect people. Now, when someone says something, I usually say, "Don't speak that over me." or "Don't put those words over me in the atmosphere".

I'm breaking the chains in my life though and I refuse to tell JD that he can't do anything. :o) I do not want him growing up thinking that he can't accomplish something HE WANTS TO DO out of fear of what others may think of him if he fails .... or succeeds!

What did you think about the video?

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conner.ash said...

I'm sorry that you've been told those things through out your life. On top of believing in ourselves, we have to remember that "through Christ, all things are possible". :) Sorry, I haven't watched the video yet because I'm at work. But I will later, Promise. And congrats on passing your tests and class! Keep up the good work.

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