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Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Time

Have you ever seen Steel Magnolias? I love that movie!! Well, do you remember the part where Shelby and Jackson are about to get married and Drum is still deaf from the fire crackers in the tree? And Shelby comes out and she's like "Daddy, it's time!" Drum says it again, lol, "It's TIME"! I love how he says it, it cracks me up to think about it.

Well, It's TIME ... My Christmas shopping has officially begin. I went to the Dollar Tree last night and purchased the Christmas baskets I'm going to use to put all of the baked goodies in. I spent a whopping $39 and bought 20 baskets and the bakery bags to put the food in. I was going to buy them through Oriental Trading but decided not to.

Why Oriental Trading? Because I can earn 4% into JD's college fund through! Yep! I'm doing ALL of my Christmas shopping through just so that I can save money! If you're not signed up with this, you're missing out. I have my CVS card, Ingles card and debit card hooked up with this so if I purchased certain products at Wal-Mart, I earn 1% of my purchase into that account PLUS a certain percentage of each qualified product I buy!

Some stores I'm shopping at through this site are Wal-Mart (1%), eToys (4%), JCPenney (3%), LeapFrog (3%), Disney Shopping (3%) ... There's a few other stores but those are the main ones. All of those percentage are what is going into the account for JD's fund. That's alot!

So ... what are you waiting for? Come sign up and get your cards hooked up so you can start saving!

OR ... just use my guest link and still get the UPromise savings while helping me save for JD's college fund! :o) Thanks!

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