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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Headlines ...

Do you ever just have to shake your head at the headlines you read online? I decided to check out .... After getting there I see CRAZY headlines like these:

"CEOs of Big 3 automakers reportedly flew luxury jets to D.C. to plead for a $25B taxpayer bailout to save their debt-ridden industry — costing tens of thousands of dollars."

I mean seriously?? I've cut back on spending ... So can they!

And here are the others that I just scrunched my face up at,
* FOXBusiness: Consumer Prices Relief for Shoppers
* FBI Agent Gunned Down While Serving Warrant
* Amber Alert Issued for Teen Girl Heading for Mexico
* Pirate ‘Mother Ship’ Sunk
* Scientists Find New Penguin, Extinct for 500 Years
* Student Could Be Charged for Hugging Social Worker
* Medic's Account Confirms Hitler Had Only One Testicle
* Are Gremlins Real? Tiny Primate an ... Interesting Find
* Possible New Witness in Holloway Case
* 'Oh Great': Astro Loses Tool Bag | WATCH LIVE
- Arachnids in Spaaaace: Spider Missing Aboard ISS
* 8-Year-Old Boy Admits Killing Dad in Video
* $23 Million for U.N. Art ... While Millions Starve
* World Toilet Day to Promote Sanitation, Fight Disease
* Jury Without 'Venom' Sought in MySpace Hoax Trial

And there they are ... Today's headlines that made me think what is this world coming to. Who really cares if Hitler had one testicle?

lol @ World Toilet Day! :o) Yay! Where's my gift?

It's sad that kids are killing their parents! What in the world? I could go on and on but I'm not. I'm just gonna have to pray for him and the family who won't claim him.

Battleship is not just a game - haha

Student charged with hugging social worker?? WHAT?

I could go on and on ... Go check out all this news for yourself.!


Farrah said...

World Toilet Day!! Too's unbelievable all the different special days now finding their way into our society. :-)

Kristy said...

This totally pissed me off...they can take their private jets and shove it...I don't want to bail their butts out if they can't cut back themselves...where's the responsibility in that?

Kaprice said...

Kristy, I totally agree!

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