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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fair Food Favorites

If I'm just being honest ... And I usually am, I'm NOT a fan of fairs. I can't help it.  I just don't care for all the screaming, the long lines, annoying kids who can't get their way, etc. I know ... I'm whiny. lol But that's why I don't go. Oh, and not to mention the totally unsafe rides! You can keep all that. 

However, other than looking at all the people and thinking my family isn't so bad after all, the food is fantastic! All those weird fried foods are even better. lol

I'm going to post a couple of my favorite fair food recipes that I have found online.  Feel free to share yours with me. I love to cook and I'm definitely going to be trying some of the ones I post. 

A friend of mine posted on FB today how she tried one for the first time.  This is why I'm writing this blog post because I had to share this with somebody! She said it's soft in the middle and soooo good. I'm making this asap!

Fried Twinkies
Really? Fried Twinkies ... Twinkies are already so NOT good for you but then you batter it and fry it? lol ... Talk about something to die for! Mmm! These are delicious.

Caramel Apples
I just love caramel apples.  Last year at the fair they had caramel apples with so many different toppings on them: crushes oreos, candied corn, sprinkles, super mini marshmallows and the list goes on and on. There were at least 20 different ones to choose from.  So good!

And of course there is always the candied apple. Those are okay to me. Caramel is better though. :o) 

Fried Snickers Bar
OMG. These are delicious. I think it would be interesting to make these using the fun size snickers too and serving it with a side of vanilla bean ice cream. Mmm! 

Corn Dogs
I'll admit. I don't eat 'em but they're a popular fair food item that must be shared.  Plus, at the fair, you usually eat things that you wouldn't eat otherwise, lol. :o) 

So, there's five recipes that are usually always found at a state fair! What are your fair food favorites? Did you find the recipe online? Share it with me.

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