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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun-Filled Weekend!

So this past weekend was great! 

It all started Friday night when my husband went out of town with a buddy to go deer huntin'. It was just me and JD so we rented Toy Story 3 and ate hot wings and macaroni and cheese bites for supper.  And let me just say this, Toy Story 3 is by far one of the saddest movies a mama can watch. My goodness I cried and cried. I'm even telling JD to be nicer to his toys. lol

Saturday was the highlight of the weekend though. :o) I went along with 12 other ladies from my husband's family to The Cheesecake Factory and to The Fox Theater to see White Christmas.  I have never been to either of those places and I had a great time. 

Me & Amy - My Sister-in-Law
This was a "you had to be there" moment. I ordered the Little Side Salad to go with my pasta. This was the largest side salad I had ever seen. It was stacked up at least 6 in. on the plate. I told Amy she had to get some ... that was her second side plate full and look at how much was left on my plate. LOL
My Sister-in-Law's strawberry cheesecake with extra strawberries!
Mmm! Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake

Me & My Beloved Cheesecake
This is what was left! haha
The Fox Theater
I drove my car to Atlanta because I get terrible motion sickness if I'm a passenger. So, packed down in my little Focus was me, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. :o) We laughed and laughed ... It was great.  I am a decent driver ... However, I have road rage. And I don't do so well on narrow streets. But, it all worked out. We got there and got home safely. 

Saturday evening I got home around 6pm or so and Daniel was already home. He and JD were hangin' out watching TV and we all decided to watch Toy Story 3 again.  Daniel had never seen it. JD thinks the movie needs a narrator.  Daniel is getting tired and wants to sleep. And there's me over on the love seat just boo-hooin'. JD kept getting me tissue. lol  We had a good time though! 

Sunday was a super busy day! Daniel worked the first part of the day.  JD and I went to church. After that we went to Nana's house for my father-in-law's birthday lunch and around 4pm we all went to my Mom's house for supper. They decided to make Thanksgiving dinner. lol And it was delicious. I love days like that.

I put too much hot pepper sauce in my collard greens so I was up all night with heartburn. lol But it was worth it.  I also learned about a new product I want to try, Jennie O's frozen turkey breast.  That's why my parents bought and it was delicious.  It was only like $7-$8 from Wal-Mart and comes with a bag to cook it in and gravy. Y'all, it was so good. I think it would be great to buy that and make some turkey melts or something. Mmm! 

So that brings me to Monday. JD wasn't feeling good Sunday. He kept saying how tired he was and that he had a headache. So when Monday rolled around and he still wasn't feeling good I let him stay home from school (pre-k). Uh ... yea! That was a mess because the turd got to feelin' better right quick but I let him stay home from school anyways. After we got back home from grocery shopping I made him take a nap and poop hit the fan! He was all upset.  I don't know where the fit came from and don't really know where it went but he took a nap for about an hour and a half and woke up a new child. 

And that conversation leads me to this ... I wish when I had an attitude someone would tell me "You better get it together before I make you take a nap!!" I want a nap during the day. When someone is upset we never think that they're tired or anything we always blame it on something else. When a little rest might perk them up. My most favorite naps are literally those 15 minute naps where you felt like you've slept for three hours.

So, here it is Tuesday!! :o) I got up and made breakfast for my family, took JD to school, came home and did two loads of laundry, loaded the dishwasher and here I sit ... blogging about my weekend. Who knows if anyone will read this!! lol I do know if my hubby read it he would be like would you please clean out your closet and drawers like you said you would. And my response would be "sure honey, in just a minute".

Well Happy Tuesday to ya! :o) I guess I'm going to go clean like I said I would ... 


PinkMama said...

Your weekend sounded Fun! Yes Toy Story story is very sad! The cheesecake looks so yummy. Had to laugh at your last sentence because I always say that in a blog post or on I'm going to go clean. Life of a mom..LOVE IT!

Ashley @ Joyful Creations said...

Your cheese cake looks DELICIOUS! I've never been to either of those places either. I've been by the cheesecake factory a couple of times though. Guess I need to go.

I'm with you on the naps. Hubby came home Sunday, Aaron was running around while I was trying to clean up the kitchen. He asked me if I had a nap that day. I looked at him and said do I look like I had a nap? LOL!

My Mommy Time Online said...

Oh the joys of motherhood! :o)

I did get some of my house clean. ha! I've said for about two weeks now that I was going to start cleaning out my drawers, closet and just my whole room in general. Yea, I just started on that yesterday.

Ash, naps would be great, wouldn't they? lol I could see you with frazzled hair going "DO I LOOK LIKE I HAD A NAP!" Crooked grin and all, LOL ...

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