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Monday, November 22, 2010


Did anybody else see NKOTBSB on the AMA's last night?

Well, I did and I loved it. I was born in 1982 and that performance was right up my alley! I mean hello! Joey McIntyre and Nick Carter on one stage! Oh sweet baby Jesus, I was in Heaven!! lol
I'm a busy Mama and I don't have time to keep up with the latest and greatest from the boy bands I loved while growing up. So, needless to say, I had no clue they were touring together in the Summer of 2011.  I will say this though, this chick is going to get tickets!! 

A couple of years ago NKOTB came to Atlanta and a friend of mine from middle school invited me to go with her. We had a blast. It was so funny to see all the girls decked out in some 80's gear; big hair, leg warmers, big buttons, NKOTB shirts, etc. And there I was in my UGA shirt, lol. I didn't care. I was just thankful to be there. My big brother took me back when I was like 7 years old to see NKOTB so this was a must! 

If you're a fan, they have a website: :o)


Ashley @ Joyful Creations said...

Ok, since I missed the performance on the AMAs I guess I missed the part where they were performing together. What??? Crazy. And Nick Carter? Really, AJ & Howie all the way. :) I feel like such a girl right now.

My Mommy Time Online said...

LOL ... Who cares. I actually posted on my MOMMY blog about NKOTB and BSB. :o)

I found out that Dec 11 tickets go on sale and the concert is June 22, 2011. I wish I had more time to save up for the tickets. I honestly don't think we can swing it especially being around the holidays AND having a baby due in 11 weeks.

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