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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Artist Prince May Sue Fans Over Fan Websites

When I logged into Yahoo! this morning I was reading the local headlines for my area. Shockingly I found the heading "Prince May Sue Fans Over Fan Websites". I thought, what in the world is going on now! Well, the article wasn't an article is more like 2 sentences that read this "Prince is threatening to sue fan websites unless they remove all unauthorised photos of him." Can he do that, seriously?

Well, that sparked my interest and I wanted to read more into this story, so I typed into my Yahoo! search engine "Prince sues fan websites". You would not believe the sites that are listed with information on how Prince is so upset with his fans. Apparently, he doesn't believe that any attention is good attention.

This site tells the story of how Prince is filing a suit against YouTube, Ebay and other internet websites that have him listed on their page.

Can we say "GOOD GRIEF"? Could you imagine if Britany Spears did that? lol

I would post a picture of Prince but I don't need to get sued.
So here's one of a real price! lol

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