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Friday, December 21, 2007

Ladies Night Out!

Dana - My mother-in-law
Grandmama - Dana's Mom
Nama - Dana's mother-in-law
Robin - Dana's sister
Granny - Grandmama's Mom
Emily - Grandmama's Sister in Law
Christy - Emily's Daughter
Polly - Grandmama's Sister
Holly - Emily's Sister in Law

Thursday night was ladies night out with my mother-in-law's side of the family. 10 of us piled into 2 cars and headed to Social Circle, Georgia for a fabulous dinner at the famous Blue Willow Inn.

The ride there was very humorous, especially with all of us in the same car. Now, let just tell you that Dana's inability to drive properly makes me a bit nauseous, especially sitting in the back seat. haha ... I love her with all of my heart but every time I go somewhere with her I get sick. SO ... about 30 minutes into the drive I'm getting very hot and starting to sweat. Robin is asking me repeatedly if I'm okay. She even said at one point, "Is it my breath?" lol .... When we first got in the car I wanted to eat a candy cane and offered her one since she was sitting beside me, lol, not because of her breath. It was funny.

Well, we FINALLY get to the restaurant and it is beautiful. I had never been there to eat and was amazed at all the beauty. The pictures don't do it any justice. The food is the best I've ever eaten. I'm serious! I had the best peanut butter ** My child just crumbled a cookie on my arm ** Anyways, I had the best peanut butter pie I've ever eaten. Well, I talked Grandmama into trying it and her Mom was sitting beside her. After she took her first bite, I grabbed her arm and said, "now isn't that delicious"? After I said that Dana looked at Grandmama and said "Is it good enough to make you wanna slap ya mama?" lol ... Too funny! Granny said, "I hope nothing is that good". lol ...

After we finished eating and paying for our meal, Dana broke out the camera and wanted pictures of everyone. After trying to take a few pictures, this generous man offered his well needed assistance and began clicking the camera. Soon after he was finished we learned it was his birthday!! What does Grandmama say? "Let's sing Happy Birthday to him". We begin singing to this poor man and he is turning red and laughing. Then we take a picture of him!! lol ...

We finally make it to the front door where the 14 foot Christmas tree is and Emily decides we need more pictures in front of the tree. That alone was just funny because there were so many people in this restaurant and here we are in the way. After we finished that we were trying to get out the door and somehow ... who knows how ... Robin tumbles over and fell on the floor! LOL ... She just sat there like a kid as we laughed and pointed. We were too busy making fun of her to help her up. haha ... Isn't that terrible? haha ...

We soon made it to the vehicles and we were on our way home. But, guess who sat in the front seat? lol ... That's right, Yours Truly! Robin said after all that food we ate, I wasn't allowed to sit by her in the backseat. haha ...

Good times, Good Times!

I found out that Blue Willow Inn has their own cookbook!

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