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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request!

Hey Ya'll - I honestly need everyone to say a prayer for my cousin Jessica. As some of you know, she has a rare heart condition and has been in and out of the hospital most of her life. Only 20 years old and the girl has been through more than you can imagine.

She is currently in ICU with an abundance of complications and we need prayers She is not in stable condition, she has been in the hospital every weekend for the past 4 weeks but this time she's in critical condition. She's been in this time since Saturday and will be in there for quite some time.

Please, please, please, honestly say a prayer for her. If you're in a good mood, please repost this for your friends so they too can say a prayer for Jessica.

Thanks Ya'll ....

UPDATE 12/21 - Jessica is no longer in ICU, she has her own room now. Prayers are still needed.

1 comment:

Rai said...

Prayers for her. Hope she gets better soon.

Its hard for her to go through all that at a young age.

Jessica, I may not know you, but my prayers for you ... Get better and be strong...

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