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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update On Jessica - again today

My mom left the hospital. She found out today and that Jessica doesn't have life insurance. They never would give her life insurance because of her heart problem. Isn't that terrible?

Carol said she'd just have to charge all of it and pay it off that way. Mama said she'll give her money each month to help pay for it. So much stress ... Especially with the fact that Jessica wants to cremated. My family is struggling with that thought. Sharon got fired from her job about a month ago and she can't afford to pay for this. It's just sad. Yeah, they fired her because of the time she was having to take off of work to be at the hospital. Who does that to someone???

I made a point to my Mom today, we've never lost an immediate family member like this before. Some people's interpretations of immediate family are different. In my family, we're all close. We've never lost anyone before. This will be a first.

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