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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poll: 2009 New Year's Resolutions?

And the results are in:

Daily Scripture Study
1 (8%)
Lose Weight/Live Healthier
8 (66%)
Get Out of Debt
2 (16%)
Quit a Bad Habit
0 (0%)
Other (comments)
3 (25%)

Ah, January 1st! Whatta day .... You get to indulge in collard greens, black eyed peas and other goodies and promise yourself resolutions you might break on January 3rd! lol

So, I did a search online for lucky foods for the New Year and I came across some interesting stuff. :o) I did eat an "unlucky" food today though, lol, but I don't eat a whole lot of pork so I made fried chicken. But, I learned that you shouldn't eat chicken because your good luck could fly away. Oops!

What did your family cook today?

Also, I know how everyone feels about New Years Resolutions ... You know, not keeping them and all. But did you make any? What goals do you have this year? Did you keep the one's you had last year? Share them with me ... And if you did keep yours from last year, how did you do it?

Here's my resolutions:
- Become a better Christian!
I plan to get more involved in my walk with Christ. This may be a tough one for me because I have a potty mouth and I am definitely going to work on that this MONTH! I've been using bad language since like, 5th grade! lol ... Isn't that terrible? But, it's a goal.

I would also like to start reading my Bible atleast 5 times a week. I could lie and say I read it daily but ... I'm not a liar. :o) I want to apply it to my life as well ... not just read it. Our actions ALWAYS speak louder than our words and what goes in ... usually comes out. So, if I'm feeding myself daily scripture, then eventually I'll began showing it better!

- Say something positive or uplifting to my husband everyday!
Enough said.

- Join the gym!
I know, I know! That's everybody's resolution but I actually do plan on keeping this one because I will be signing a one year contract to make sure I go. Also, for my health, I HAVE to do something. I can't believe I'm about to do this but ... I weigh 147 lbs, my goal is to get down to atleast a healthy 125. I weighed 130 when I found out I was pregnant.

Well ... that's about it. There are a couple of other things but I'm going to leave it at that. :o)


Dee said...

I have a couple of habits I need to stop. They're not "BAD" habits, just habits that are annoying to me.

1. Stop procrastinating.
2. Be more organized (this will be achieved with the success of #1)
3. Start looking for more positive in others and stop focusing on the negatives
4. Stop worrying about what other's may think of me. Not that I don't care but I care too much and that sometimes stops me from doing things that are fun because I'm afraid others will think it's too childish, I'm too old or I'll make a fool of myself.

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Aimie said...

Wow! Those are great. I might just have to copy you on all of those ideas.

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